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Thread: looking for Volvo Felt axles (C303?)

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    Default looking for Volvo Felt axles (C303?)

    Hello all,

    Sorry for writing in English but I'm dutch and don't speak norwegian (I can read and understand a lot but writing is something else)
    I just got back from winter warfare training in Voss and have spoken to some guys from the norwegian army who recommended this site.

    For my suzuki I'm looking to buy a couple of Laplander axles.
    I was told that they are portal axles with a 1:7.1 gear ratio and built in difflocks.
    They also told me that the axles are very strong and that's just what I'm looking for.
    Does anybody have a set of those axles for sale or knows somebody who does?
    Preferably in the Bergen area or south of Bergen.
    One of my Norwegian army buddies is coming to visit me in May so he could pick them up en bring them with him on his trip to the Netherlands.

    Thanx in advance,

    Johan Mallo

    as an example, a picture of some guy in the UK who has built them underneath his Jeep

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    Default c303

    Hello Johan.

    I have a rear axle.

    Its located just south of stavanger.


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    Found this link:,26/

    I heard rumours they charge 25-30k SEK (swedish kroner) for a pair (front + rear)
    Jeeps are bils, not båts!

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    I believe we still have a complete set of 303 axles. Im not sure they will do you any good from our side of the pond however.

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    Default Portalaksler

    i have a orginal VOLVO TGB 1317 with 3 aksles for sale
    located 4327 Sandnes
    bjørn henning bøe 90169088

    jeg har en VOLVO TGB 1317 med 3 portalaksler for salg
    i Sandnes
    bjørn henning bøe 90169088


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