View Full Version : Intercooler conversion for SD33T

03-25-2007, 23:16
Hello everyone.

i live in North of France...

For the moment i drive a normal car.

I will buy a Datsun/Nissan Patrol 3,3L

I was owner of a 3,3L Atmo and I keep it 6 months ... he was sold for parts ...

On my research i found a SD33T with a ..... intercooler conversion :eek: (now he's sold)

The owner says that this kit was sold in germany ... but i don't found informations about this ?

The noise whas ...pfffffffffiou fantastic.

But i don't know if this kit does exist or not ?

Bye ;)


03-27-2007, 10:18
hey its not the intercooler that makes the sound its a blow off vent and most places where they sell turbos and intercoolers can make a blow off kit for you.