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Zarizi Tech
07-07-2008, 22:46

Name of the Competition: Formula Offroad
Status of the Competition: National / Nordic Cup / World Cup
Classes: Modified and Unlimited
AKK Permission Nbr: 2 / 2008
Time and place of the Competition: 16.8.2008 klo 11.00 Pälkäne - Kangasala
17.8.2008 klo 11.00 Pälkäne - Kangasala
(driving instructions www.formula-offroad.fi)
Rules: Formula offroad regulations (www.sbf.se /

Driver must have a valid licence.
The organizer of the competition holds the right to
cancel or postpone the competition when
circumstances so require. Organizer is also
allowed to give extra regulations when so needed.

Contact: Saija Hassinen p. 040-517 6989 (finnish, english)
or saija.hassinen@elisanet.fi
Organizer: Mad Moose racing r.y

Head of jury Jarno Puumalainen Lieto
Jury Reima Kirsiaho Turku
Jari Rantanen Vihti

Main staff:
Head of the Competition Saija Hassinen MMR
Head of the Competition II Birgit Vartiainen MMR
Secretary Birgit Vartiainen MMR
Head of safety Juhani Kähkönen MMR
Head of inspection Rauno Miikki MMR
Head of Track Markku Sarka MMR
Head of the track judges Klaus Lampinen SORY
Result validation Taru Niskanen MMR

Registration: AKK:n / SBF:n offroad Registration form by 18.7.2008 klo 17.00
Finnish drivers primary to http://kiti.akk-motorsport.fi/
Or adress :
Saija Hassinen
Sorsakorventie 13 E 14
04220 KERAVA
or e-mail mad.moose@elisanet.fi
of fax: +358 9 878 2415

Foreign registrations must be evident maintenance crew
Particiment payment: 30 € / day Mad Moose Racing ry bank account 230818-5288
Or in cash at the competition area..Post-partisiment payment
30 € / day
Payment includes 4 persons entry at the competition area.
Participation: No more than two drivers can participate with one car. The
drivers participate at their own responsibility
Elimination / qualifying: Imperfect registration, organizers consideration.
Advertising: Organizers possibly given stickers by co-operations must put
on the race car at visible place.

Track: 5-6 tracks and possibly speedtrack. Race time approximately 5
hours. Tracks are mostly gravelslope rices.
Athe competition area (pits, starting area… ) must follow
given speedlimits! At public areas organizers recommend
no ATVs or motorcycles. Public area the speedlimit is 15
On the race-areaand the public area, the persons driving
ATVs or motorcycles must be atleast 15 years old and use
helmet while driving.

Prizes: Memory- and article prizes
Visibility: The competition is possibly filmed on and the program is
featured in finnish TV.

Accommodation: At the pit area there is a possibility tent- or mobile home
Near by :
Hotel Aapiskukko, Pälkäne, p. +358-20-742 2203
ski resort Sappee, Pälkäne, p. +358-20-755 9970,
Hotel Urku, Kangasala, p. +358-3-3140 1300.
Reservation code FORMULA OFFROAD
Mango Hotel, Tampere, p. +358-3-214 2834,
Other places are informed at www.formula-offroad.fi webside.


Friday 15.8.2008
17.00 Pit opens
20.00 – 21.00 Office open and enrolment

Saturday 16.8.2008.
7.00 – 8.45 Enrolment
7.00 – 9.00 Vehicle inspection
9.15 – 9.45 Driver meeting
9.45 – 10.30 Track introduction
10.30 – 11.00 Test drive
11.00 Sections 1-3
about 13.30 Break
about 14.00 Sections 4-6
about 17.30 Competition ends and prize-giving

Sunday 17.8.2008
7.00 – 9.00 Enrolment
7.30 – 9.30 Vehicle inspection
9.45 – 10.00 Driver meeting
10.00 – 10.30 Track introduction
10.30 – 11.00 Test drive
11.00 Sections 1-3
about 13.30 Break
about 14.00 Sections 4-6
about 17.30 Competition ends and prize-giving

Prize-giving right after the last driver has arrived at the finish.
Time schedule is normative.
Saturday evening there is a Sauna possibility at Sappee ski resort.
Sunday foreign competitors have possibility to go wash up at huntingcabin.
More info from competition office.