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07-25-2008, 14:39

I hope this is the right place to post information about MudDrag coming up in Estonia. It is second year for the event and last year we had 35 trucks beating hell out of each other on the 100m double lane artificial mudtrack. This year we have built 150m double lane muddy dragstrip. Each lane is 6m wide and there is 6m safety zone between the two lanes. Times will be recorded and launch will be given with dragtree.

Event takes place in Alansi Off-Road Park, Habaja village, Kőue, Harjumaa, Estonia.
N 5906'08''
E 2509'19''

Date is 16 august 2008 and first start will be given at 11:00.

Maybe some of your formula off road trucks would like to participate on the event? It would make the whole event more fun and bring a new type of off road trucks closer to Estonians.

If any information is required, then please contact me:
Jaak Ruusmaa
+372 50 28488

Official site is here:

Gallery about trackbuilding:

I'll try to make some information in english also available on the site.

Some pics about the muddy dragstrip:

07-27-2008, 19:01
Looks like fun, but we are racing Formula Offroad in Finland that weekend.