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08-03-2008, 10:15
Can I get away with running my cage bars from front to back rather than from left to right???? the cage will still be made of one peice (see picture) the red bar is continuious but running length ways on the car the rest of the colours are as show also as one length.

Your input please?????

08-03-2008, 10:38
For what kind of comps are you going with this rig..
In Skandinvaia will this not be allowed, because here you need a cage that has a main bar that goes over the driver from one side to another...

11-19-2008, 21:45
I read in the rules page for euro that 40x2mm CDS is minium OD for cage tube is this right?? (Can i run close to 44mm ish) and can it be chromoly or does it have to be steel??? And back to my drawing if I run the main hoop from left to right ( in blue) and then the red bar would be the forward hoop does this comply?? I cant find the pic's page for regs apart from the one in another post???

11-19-2008, 23:17
If we are talking Formula Offroad, you will find the regulations for 2008 here:

Link to rollcages:
http://formulaoffroad.net/Technical%20regulations%20Formula%20Offroad%20Appe ndix%202008.doc

11-20-2008, 00:01
Arne how are you?? I have my formula cage/frame done and finished thats done in 48mm CDS seamless no problem but the cage design I have for my single seat for euro trial is hard to get it to look right building it from left to right!!! If I can get away with 42-45mm pipe then I think I can bend it up with out it looking rubbish!!!

Jeff Carter
11-20-2008, 16:10
Even i can't understand that Tim ? are you building 2 ?

11-20-2008, 16:21
You can use 45x2,5mm in the main bar, but it still needs to be from side to side.

11-20-2008, 21:25
Yes I'm greedy and building two cars Thefinger Thefinger one for formula and one for euro trial formula is sorted but its my euro trial car but This mornin I'v sorted it been on the bender for a bit and have it all bent up and looking right!!! :grinpimp:

Jeff Carter
11-21-2008, 10:23
We need pictures ?? a build is no good without pictures Thefinger