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08-21-2008, 22:56
In winter, in Talvieksytys 2008 there was couple Swedish competing in Finnish Off-Road Orienteering (GPS challenge) race and they told that they will be back in TuraOffi. And as we can see, there is now 3 teams from Sweden registered to race.

TuraOffi will be arranged in Lappi-county, in Southern Finland 12-14.9.2008. It's approximately 93 km from Turku harbour and From Helsinki harbour approximately 230km. Terrain for race will be intresting, there is all sorst of terrain: swamps, rocks, bushes, normal forest, etc.

If someone is intrested coming to Finland to race in this event, ask more information.

Rules in English:

Race invitation in Finnish:

Here is a real time list of registered competitors:

Google Maps link to race location:

Old topics about Finnish Off-Road Orienteering (GPS challenge):

08-21-2008, 23:32
That looks like a fun competition. During that weekend em I in russia competing in arctic trohpy. I have way to little time to play. Next year I em allowed to do one foreign comp. In norway there is today no real challenge comps and most of the foreign comps are like 2000km away. So doing comps in finland seems nice and kind of close. So if you know the dates for 2009 season it would be nice if you can post them here.

Regards Jonas

08-22-2008, 08:44
Race calendar for season 2009 is not ready yet. It will be published in somewhere december in http://www.4x4cup.com/index.php?sivu=racecalendar. We hope to get 4 races for year 2009.