View Full Version : fill "SAW" air shocks with oil???

10-05-2008, 23:49
at eurotrial 2008 i heard that some of you filled the air shocks with oil.

i drive my sway a way just stock "out of box".

what are the advantages and disadvantages about filling them with oil?

what oil is the best (motorbike suspension oil)???

thank you

10-05-2008, 23:55

take a look at this one. It's for Fox shocks, but the general concept should be pretty much exactly the same: http://pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/PR-Airshox/air_spring_chart.xls

See the whole article here: http://pirate4x4.com/tech/billavista/PR-Airshox/index.html

Short resume is more oil - stiffer spring. In fact, it makes the compression vs spring force curve steeper, it's not a linear curve but a quadratic equation (or something like that). Take a good look at the XLS sheet, it will show you. In general, more oil makes the whole car more stable, but this seem to work best with little in-travel.

10-07-2008, 22:42
ok thank you for your post.

are there some forum members who filled the sway a way air shocks which can say how much oil they use an what kind of oil???

@ amund
you used fox shocks? what did you prefer with or without oil?


10-08-2008, 13:15
@ amund
you used fox shocks? what did you prefer with or without oil?


It's not like that. All these shocks have a certain amount of oil from the factory, together with the nitrogen. The oil is what does the dampening, but also modifies the spring rate curve. Mine were unusable with the factory oil amount. I filled them completely full when fully compressed, and charged them to hold the car at the height I wanted it. You should try that first, if it's too stiff then take out a little bit of oil. Also try laying them very low, the lower the stiffer/more stable they will be.

I have Terje Weng's car outside, he is winning everything in Proto these days, only they had bad luck in Eurotrial and placed 5th I think? He only has 2-3 cm of shaft showing in front, and twice as much in the rear.

10-08-2008, 16:14
Hi Marlon!
Sorry I did not make it to Bramche...

But, I have 14" SAW shocks and I fill them completly with 5wt fork oil.
Works good.
And I have only 8-10 cm of down spring.