View Full Version : propshaft cover

Jeff Carter
11-05-2008, 16:35
Hiya all - has anyone got a picture of the guards you use in case your propshaft breaks ? how do you do them for Formula ?


- looks like you all had fun in Gjerstad - we will be there next year :beer:

Jeff Carter
11-06-2008, 10:32
The only picture i can find is my mate Kjellis car - is there any other way ?

11-06-2008, 11:43
Monster truck solution...


looks a bit short to me. I'd rather have a hoop a good bit behind the U-joint. Doesn't have to be very strong I think, nothing much will happen as long as the shaft does not fly 90 degrees out sideways, that's when the bad stuff happens.

Jeff Carter
11-06-2008, 16:13
Thanks Amund - I was looking for some idea to come off the chassis - some kind of a bolted ring - anymore pics ??