View Full Version : ┴rni Kˇpsson - tribute (coca bilen..)

05-05-2009, 13:45

jonny puma
05-05-2009, 15:23
Den her syns Š e den t°ffeste formula bilen ever....:smokin:

Noen som veit ka som skjedd med └rni K˛psson ň cola bila??

05-05-2009, 20:02
Bilen var vel pň Matrand i h°st.....i hvit farge.

jonny puma
05-05-2009, 20:16
Bilen var vel pň Matrand i h°st.....i hvit farge.

?hmm, hvem da? ň ja den ja. hvem er d som har den nň? er den mye omgjort eller?

jonny puma
05-05-2009, 20:38
den her?

Jakob C
05-05-2009, 21:46
The car is going to be red this summer.


jonny puma
05-05-2009, 22:22
I like this car very much...:smokin:
is it almost the same as it was in the coca cola days?
who is driving it now?
do you know when it was first build..?

Jakob C
05-05-2009, 22:28
The car is similar like he was at that time (90-92). The car was build in 1990.
Jˇhann drove that car in Matrand but he bought The Clown but his brother Sverrir bought him and his going to drive the car this summer and I think Coke Cola is going to be again on him this summer.

jonny puma
05-05-2009, 22:37
that`s sound cool...:smokin: do you know if they are coming to Norway to drive this year? and do you know what └rni K˛psson is doing. has he quit driving?

Jakob C
05-05-2009, 22:51
Don┤t know about Norway but some icelandic drivers are going to race in Denmark but i don┤t know about Norway. ┴rni isn┤t driving now in races and I don┤t know what he is doing now.

jonny puma
05-05-2009, 22:54
Thanks for the answers Jakob.......:beer:

05-08-2009, 21:25
Some of us was in Habo and watched this car in 1990, the coolest car ever
I worked for a Coke guy here in Norway on his boat in the early 90's, he visited Coke on Island and i belive └rni K˛psson worked there, he said the only thing they did in the workshop was that car :-))