View Full Version : 37" wheels on RRC?

07-20-2009, 19:01
Hey everyone!

Has anyone put 37" wheels on their standard body range rover?
I mean not a bobtailed one with a tubebody or anything. I bought some trusting the salesman he said I wouldn't have any problems cause my wheelwells are cut. But the rear axle is touching the frame in front of it when flexing which I dont understand cause they should be flexing backwards!

By the way my RRC has a 3" suspension lift


Tanks Kasper

truls t
07-21-2009, 14:58
har du prÝvd diskusjonsforumet her..
eller ta en prat med...
truels hos per glad i kalundborg..
per bertelsen.. team bertelsen i sjelle..

07-21-2009, 21:56
I have 36"x15.5"x15" on my range rover.
But I have 2" Old man emu suspensionlift and in addition a 3" bodylift.
I also made my own rear cranked trailing arms.
Now I have also has changed the axles to nissan patrol 1998, but before that I used the same tires and the same home made trailing arms on standard RRC axles with 4.70 ring and pinion.