View Full Version : What have you done to your Ford today?

01-06-2010, 07:54
I dunno if there is a topic on this already, but basically, just post up whatever you've done to your Ford/Lincoln/Mercury, and in this case Mazda, whenever you work on it, take it to the track, get in a wreck, wash it, whatever. Hopefully this will be a pretty good thread, we've got a similar one on Nissan/Datsun's on one of my Z31 forums.
Post up pictures too!!!

I'll start off.

Today, I drained out my excess gear oil in the trans from when I replaced it last night. Appearantly it doesnt take all 5 quarts or whatever. Drove it around for a bit, seems like my shifts are alot smoother, but I still have trouble in 2nd and 3rd, maybe something got screwy when I took the shifter out and put it back in...

I'm still leaking gear/motor oil in that area though, I dont know why. Everything is tight...

Maybe just grease/grime burning off and forming into a liquid? It was pretty dirty under there...