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01-14-2010, 22:55
Now English race invitation is ready and English version of rules 2010 will be ready in this weekend.

Race is held in Askola, which is less than 70km from Helsinki harbor. Askola is located quite near a orginal place of race where it was held from example 2007. And it seems that there could be enough snow in this year (if not getting warm...).

You can find English race invitation here. (http://www.4x4cup.com/tiedostot/talvieksytys2010/race_invitation_offivarusteen_talvieksytys_2010.pd f)

Important places in Google maps: Here. (http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=fi&msa=0&msid=110521814866928936964.00047c6ec2da8451d44fe&ll=60.558292,25.626984&spn=0.320298,0.65712&z=11)

Discussion in Finnish and some "teaser" pictures etc... here. (http://forums.offipalsta.com/showthread.php?t=65441)

Registered competitors: Here. (http://www.4x4cup.com/index.php?sivu=ilmoittautuneet&kid=12)

Registration to race as normal: http://registration.4x4cup.com/

01-19-2010, 22:50
Rules for season 2010


Change log: Changes from rules 2009 -> 2010

- changed the year in the main title 2009 -> 2010
- added new chapter 1.1 Results correction to the table of contents
- header update ("version number") 20.12.2008 -> 15.12.2009

+ added whole new chapter 1.1 Results correction to the rules
- chapter 4 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS removed the last bullet from Common rules for all competition classes -list: "All doors and hatches should only be hinged on one side" (see the text added to chapter 8.1)

+ chapter 4.3 Safety added two sentences:
+ The seats for all competitors in the car must be located fully inside the protective car body and/or the roll cage.
+ Winch hooks and towing points must not allow the tow ropes etc. to become loose unintentionally.

+ chapter 5.1 Original added "Shortening the frame of the car is not allowed."

+ chapter 8.1 Specific regulations for photographing added the following:
+ Touching in the control point pictures must be to the fixed parts of the car. Only the doors in the side of the car may be used to increase the car dimensions. Other doors and hatches may not be used to improve dimensions, and a touch to these is counted only if they are clearly and completely closed. However, these hatches can be opened to allow the car to be identified better in the control point pictures. Hatches and doors should be hinged only on one of the edges, the doors in the side of the car on the front edge.

- chapter 12 added competition series e-mail address: officup@gmail.com

01-19-2010, 22:56
Can you add a race calendar for 2010?

02-17-2010, 19:34
Famous high quality Haikko Manor is donating price which is suffled between class winners. There is also special price if you are going to accomodate there during race. 120€ / 2 person room / night and there is included food ans something else when you mention that you are goming to off-road race;)


And race calendar for Finnish (and some other events also which are interesting for Finnish racers) races can be found from Offipalsta http://forums.offipalsta.com/showthread.php?t=68208

03-01-2010, 18:54
Now race has held and it well very well in overall. Everything went smoothly and weather was more than great. In the beginning snow was very loose and there was much of it. More than 70cm and many places even much more. Because race day was first day in 2,5 months which was over 0c, snow got more easy to drive during race as driving paths get more hard. First hours everybody just winch their cars to racing areas. There was cars with 42" tires and portal axles who was winching in normal flat field.

Race was more difficult than organizer ever excepted just because snow. For example in ATV-Park was like 30 control points which no one took. In that area there was snow something like 1m and clear cutting area in stony hill. (Before you get there you had to drive almost 4km path in forest in atv tracks and take quite many control points;) Normally winter challenges has been quite easy race, but I'm sure that this race is maybe most challenging in this year. I have never seen so small amount control point pictures / team when there was 335 control points.

Nice thing to see was once again that smaller classes shows that you don't need 42" tires and portal axles, because highest total points was in standard class, racer called Ypyrin Ylittäjät who was racing with number S01. They have highly modified Toyota LJ with Suzuki body, Toyota Axles, 33" Boggers and Volkswagen diesel engine. (if I Remember right:) So maybe it's same in off road cars as in normal cars, bigger cars smaller balls....

But results can be found from this zip archive:

Race control point pictures can be found:

Pictures from race can be found from Offipalsta.com topic: