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Arnis Namajuns
03-07-2011, 13:12
Hello off-road friends,

Latvian Trophy-raid committee invites you to one of the biggest off-road events in Eastern Europe – ‘’Kurland Trophy 2011’’. For the fist time this event is going to be a stage of championship of 4 countries together: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia. Planned number of participants is about 60 sport cars in 4 categories: Standard, Modified, Prototypes and Open class. Also there will be about 30 ATV’s and 40 enduro-solo bikes. At the same time the Tourism cup will take place during the event – about 20 cars (no technical regulations) and ‘’Mud eagle’’ - event where cars that are not street-legal, baggies and prototypes also without technical regulations can take part. At ‘’Kurland Trophy 2011’’ there will be in total about 130 technical units.
The organizer has planned about 2000 people audience in two days.
Short content of the event:
-Orienteering in the countryside – team must find check points (CP) and take a photo of CP together with car. Points are given like GPS points for GPS device or PC. CP are placed on hard terrain – swamps, rivers, ditches.
-Driving by road book – use road book that is given by organization. Team must use teratrip or some other device that can count meters.
-Driving by the given route on map – Team must drive the route that is given by organization. Route is given on a paper map or as a route on GPS device or on PC.
-Mud racetrack – every team has 2 hours given to drive in the mud track. Team who manages to complete more laps in the given time is the winner.
-Sand trial – trial on a sand racetrack. This is a track with many hills and other obstacles; driver must have skills at uphill and downhill driving.

“Kurland Trophy 2011” – regulations (short summary)

NEZ (Baltic States) 4x4 Trophy-raid championship, Russian 4x4 Trophy-raid championship, Latvian Trophy-raid championship.

April 1 – 3, 2011

Latvia, Edole district, registration in Hotel “Pinkas” N56’ 59,976 E 21’ 41,047

April 1
16:00 -24:00 – Technical commission and registration

April 2
09:00 – briefing
10:00 – start of the first car at city centre
24:00 – finish of the first car in the base.

April 3
09:00 – start
14:00 – finish
16:00 – publication of the results
17:00 – the awards ceremony (value of the trophy 10000 USD)

Participation fee:
Sport cars – 100 EUR
Tourism cup -65 EUR
‘’MUD EAGLE’’ – 35 EUR
ATVs – 25 EUR

More information and video gallery you can find at www.kurlandtrophy.lv

Arnis Namajuns
+371 29458000

Regulation - http://www.trofi.lv/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/EN_nolikums-KT-2011.pdf
Foto and Video from last years - http://kurlandtrophy.lv/trophy/

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