View Full Version : steering pump psc? howe? trailgear?

05-08-2012, 09:19
hi guys,

maybe i want to replace my steering pump. im using the original standard volvo 850 T5 steering pump for my front steering at the moment (full hydraulic with normal cylinder 50/30/180).

there are a lot of upgrade steering pumps on the market. but which one would you prefer? PSC? Trailgear? HOWE? etc.
which pump would fit best on the volvo engine? what about the pulley?

please tell me your experience with these after market steering pumps.


best regards

05-08-2012, 10:29
There are a lot of issues to consider. We use Danfoss or Eaton. They are equaly good, but the Eaton is close to on third of the prise. Eaton is sold by PSC in US, and Danfoss is a Danish brand.
We use a steering pump with no valves in it like Danfoss OSPB 250 ON, 150N0045. This one has 250 cm3. That is probably too much for trailuse.
There is a user on this site with avatar Torske, I think that he has a brand new compleete steeringpump with sylinder for trailuse bought as a set. They are the same as used on the spider. Try contacting him, he might sell his steering or tell you you what to by.

05-08-2012, 11:41
hi martin,

i have a brand new danfoss 125 orbitrol allready mounted . this works great in our 2xtreme!

now i dont know which steeringpump should i choose.... TC or P-Pump?