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08-02-2007, 16:17
According to LÍA, The Icelandic FIA branch, there are six races in the World Cup competition this year. Two in Kangasala Finland, two in Skien Norway and two at Hella Iceland.

Sinde the Icelandic drivers are not going to Finland it looks like it will be difficult for them to win The World Cup title this year. Those drivers, compeating in all 6 races have the best change to win the World Cup this year.

At this time the guys from Finland, Miikka Kaskinen and Thomas Nyholm, are leading the Skandinavian Championship. If they keep on driving the way they have been driving this summer, AND if they come to Iceland, they may have a change to win two titles this year.

BUT then again, maybe Gísli G. Jónsson will just win the World Class title in four races out of six as he won the Scandinavian title last year.

Now Miikka has a change to seek revange for loosing the Scandinavian title last year and grab the World Cup from Gísli.


08-02-2007, 16:25
Is there any Finnish, swedish or Norwegian drivers going to Island these year??