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09-14-2012, 22:50
Ok, what can you do if you see zuki with 31" tyres, little lift and broken but low ratio t-case for sale in price of 500€.....


Well... at least that's what I didThefinger

Seller said that t-case broke down at winter 2011.....ok, that's not bad I thought and had to go and see it. I already then had this one idea in mind:wink_animate:

Zuki had stayd on it's place like a year or something. Battery was dead, so just had to trust the engine is ok. Previous owner had pulled out the t-case since they had check that it is broken. When i was pulling zuki on the trailer i noticed that the steering don't work correctly. So I started to think that is the t-case really broken or maybe there is just busted birfield in front:idea: Car on trailer I asked that are they sure that the problem really is in t-case? Yes he said, so i didn't bother him more and just paid the car and left.

Dragged the little zuki home to look it up better.
Dirty it was

Engine didn't start up, well started, but not running.

Wow! What a great equipmentThefinger

Rev limit was too low for "hi-perf" 1,0 engine:D:D:D:D

So i fixed it like it should be

Now it was time to wash it and ta-daaa.....like new one?

At this time i also had found out that t-case was ok and really had lower gears in it. And the right side birf or axle shaft was the broken thing in 4wd.

Then it was time to see if the engine would run. First came new battery....nope. Then pulled of alarm system, cleaned points in distributor, changed the cap also. So I had spark and it fired up little.........cleaned up the carb and DANG!! Sounded mean as a bee in empty beer can:beer: I was in fire, since it was sounding meaner than any other of my cars........well ok Willyster sounds "little" rougher than Zuki.

Engine runs, so axle repair next. Broken birfield was the problem. Changed another on in and fixed up some brakes. Then it was time to put t-case back to the zu....Suzy410. Thank god the previous owner didn't pull t-case in parts, they had just taken it out of the Suzy and that's it. T-case in place with drive shafts and hell yeah....it moved!! 500€ and some elbow grease and had running Suzy!!!!!!

First time off roading it with friends at our local off road place.

After some time bashing it rear bumper already was looking like this.......not strong enough, i think:wink_animate:

I was really impressed how well it did even without any lockers. Even from this place, 1st gear on and up from the hole!

Whole day driving and only got stuck once. And yes, i did really drive itThefinger Only damage was, rear bumper, t-case skid plate was bent and hitted to rear drive shaft, and this broken front fender.

09-14-2012, 23:12
Nice :smokin:

09-14-2012, 23:16
Now it was tested and had to see if Suzy has anything to give in Trial competitions. Some said that the car is good for Standard class.......hmmm, yep but there is this one dude who always is complaining about little things, so i decided to drive in "Hobby" class. Same tracks and gates as standard, but your car can be "what ever you bring" basically. Ok the re is rules, but really good ones. So signed up that and needed co-driver....who would like to come and sit in Suzy.....hmmmmm...... So I asked my friends girlfriend if she would like to get in to her first trial competition and yes she said. so team was ready. But suzy needed some attention.

T-case skid plate needed to be fixed.....before

and after:

Fixed up front fender, tightened up this and that etc

Some of the tyres were really seen their best days

But good old trusty tyre cutter made some work

Competition was pretty tough against cars with 35+ inch tyres, lockers front and rear in some of the cars. This was the winner:

But anyway we ended up in 3rd place after all with 790 points...........winner in standard=same tracks had 873, so maybe I should've drove in standard, but we had lot of fun anyway and i think that's important.

After comp the sides of Suzy was pretty well smashed, they really didn't like the way I was drivingThefinger

09-14-2012, 23:31
So now it was tested they way it was.......

And now it's time to see if my "idea" could be done.

Suzy in the garage and remove doors

Then it was time to take the front off......why......Thefinger

Suzy had a date with the plasma cutte too


And so.almost whole body was lifted off.

But same time was kept in driving condition, so I just had to go around garage with it:D Amazing how much people are looking it while passing by:wink_animate:

This is why I had to get rid of the body......I wanted to have BIG tyres on itThefinger


Really tihgt fit. In front the tyres hit the rest of body, so it was time for plasma cutter again.

Now they fit....not good, but they fit and i was able to drive it outdoors

At this point I wanted to know how heavy it was. Any guess????

09-14-2012, 23:37
795kg.........could this thing float:laughing:

Because that was the idea in the first place. Suzy with 39,5" TSL on 12" wide alloy wheels.....can this float in water??

HELL YESThefingerThefingerThefingerThefingerThefingerTh efingerThefinger


09-14-2012, 23:40
This will continue......but when.....only god knows:D:D:D:D:D:D

Happy floatings

09-15-2012, 08:51
awsome Jare, would it float with a full body??...
but why arent you at Nordic trial partying.??

09-15-2012, 20:54
No Norwegians.....no party. Simple as thatThefingerThefingerThefingerThefinger

09-16-2012, 10:38
Maybe you should try Boggers in water?

09-01-2013, 17:25
And this is how she looks this summerThefingerThefingerThefinger


09-01-2013, 17:52
The Flying Finn has become The Floating Finn.... or just main and plaine Crazy Finn!!

09-01-2013, 18:47
The Flying Finn has become The Floating Finn.... or just main and plaine Crazy Finn!!

Or Stupid Finn......or "legendary-stupid Finn":laughing: