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08-21-2007, 01:22
The Norse Viking, Ole Graversen driving The Eagle, is leading the Unlimited Class with 16 points after Kangasala.

Finn Erik Löberg comes second with 14 points.

Miikka Kaskinen from Finland is third with 11 points

Roar Johansen is fourth also with 11 points.

Per-Anders Norstedt is fifth with 9 point.

Arne Johannessen is sixth also with 9 points.

Hans Mäki is seventh with 3 points.

Rolf Keiser is eight with 2 points.

Fredrik Sipuri Predator is ninth with 2 points

and Ulf Drakenheim is tenth with 1 point.

Will Ole Graversen win the World Cup or will Finn Erik Löberg win the Cup for the second time?


Ole Graversen having a ball at Hella.

Finn Eric Löberg, The 2004 World Cup Winner.