View Full Version : Interesting car from spain

Jeff Carter
09-26-2007, 09:50
Have a look at this --- http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=xvqo9aPSnGI

Nice looking rig from Malaga in Spain -- looks like we need to go to Spain for Eurotrial ------ Oneday :)

09-26-2007, 14:22
Very cool rig, classic looking! Lots of expensive parts.. but it would've rolled all over in San Marino with that height :)

Jeff Carter
09-26-2007, 15:47
Works well -- see here http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=a3DcUWN956I

Tom K
09-26-2007, 20:46
Nice rig, but no Bead locks??

09-27-2007, 08:00
Nice rig, but no Bead locks??

Looks like Hummer H1 rims to me (you know, split rims with internal beadlock + runflats)

Jeff Carter
09-27-2007, 10:40
Nice rig, but no Bead locks??

Double Beadlocks -- H 1 Wheels :) and a Corvette engine

09-27-2007, 20:56
That such friends...
The proprietor of this prototype is called Manolo is a very good friend my,and the car the made a the single one, this is the first year in competicion with and I can say to you that it works perfectly and it has very good benefits... A greeting from Malaga (Spain);)

10-02-2007, 17:01
Looks good. Original with a spanish touch. Se ve bien el proyecto. Tiene su propio estilo y caracter. :)

Hey Jeff, how is your rig coming along? See you next summer!

Jeff Carter
10-03-2007, 09:38
Hiya Ponce -- The back axles is nearly on - but the front one is still in Norway ? But oneday it will be done.