My name's Joan and I'm from Spain, I live 200km south Barcelona. I have Defender 110 td5 used mainly to travel to sahara desert, Libia, Tunis, Morocco etc.

I just arrive from Romanievi, I was there this holidays with my family and I liked to much. I'm thinkin to come back there in summer driving my Land and go to the north make campings etc. But I don't know if it's allowed to drive out the roads, I mean, not through the forest of course, drive in the tracks. I dont found any info about it.

Another question if anybody knows where I can buy detailed maps of Lapland, with tracks etc etc, in paper or digital, its the same. And waypoints of intersting zones, routes etc..

This is the only one forum from Finland in english, I don't know if it's the correct site but it's the only I found. I hope somebody can help me.

In the other hand, if someone is planning a travel to the sahara I have a lot of useful info.

best regards