The sixteenth “Ladoga” : it is already possible!

The registration of participants for the international trophy-raid “Ladoga” starts on the 1st of November. From May 26th till June 3rd 2012, the most world popular off-road adventure will round Ladoga lake in the sixteenth time.

Certainly, this massive event may be called the largest, the longest, the hardest and the most long awaited affair among 4x4-lovers in Russia. Dunes of the Ladoga Lake, the Stone-pit, Moraine lakes, Kulismaioki waterfalls, Petsevara hills, Ruskeala's marble quarry... 1200km for 9 days around one of the most beautiful lakes in our country.

The uniqueness of the trophy-raid “Ladoga” is that anyone can chose oneself the most interesting scoring category – the competition unites eleven scoring groups. Ones, who want the tough battle, where each second values, compete in Sport groups like TR1, TR2, TR3, PROTO, ATV, SSV. Those, who want to enjoy tranquil “touristic” way of competition, declare to Adventure and Adventure-open. Admirers of journeys and adventures participate in the group Grand Tourism. And those, who don't feel like racing in sport or touristic categories, may join “the group of organized spectators” - Discovery. It is no coincidence that “Ladoga-trophy” is the most massive trophy-raid in Russia, and the most numerous in the world.

Every year “Ladoga” improves, there appear new routes and scoring groups. In fact, the scoring championship Ladoga Team Spirit first time took place in 2011. This year the battle will go on, but some rules will change. From now on, the team consists of three crews, declared to any scoring group (except Discovery). Results of all crews will be considered in the championship Team Spirit.

Organizers and participants, who have been raced for many years, admit, that last year was “the most dry” “Ladoga” since the race was founded. Soon we'll find out, what will be the most memorable about “Ladoga 2012”. The preparation to the legendary marathon has started.

Details and registration are accessible on the official web-site