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    Litt jeg har funnet på nett

    The initial requirements was [sic] for 25 inches of ground clearance, and the T23 had 25 inches at the axles, with 38 inches amidship. The axles were modified Timken 56-400′s with the axle shafts driving the wheels about eight inches above the I-beam axles, and with a gear reduction at the wheels of 2.08:1. Wheelbase was 124 inches. A 10,000 pound capacity winch was fitted behind the radiator grille, which helped push the net weight to 14,595 pounds. Transmission and transfer case gave ten forward speeds, and were couple to a 106 horsepower Chrysler 331 cubic inch six cylinder gasoline engine. the air pressure for the 18.00×26 tires was individually adjustable from the driver’s cab, and the maximum fording depth was a whopping 65 inches.
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    Hvor mange står det her tro.......
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