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Thread: Formula Offroad car Rabis for sale

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    Default Formula Offroad car Rabis for sale

    For sale

    Hate is selling his 2009 Nordic cup modified class winning car.

    - Engine, 383 Chevrolet SB + NOS (made by Miikka Kaskinen)
    - Gearbox, race build TH350 with manual operated
    - Transferbox, Toyota HJ60
    - Axels, Dana44 with Spicer cromymoly shafts and CTM joints
    - Steering, hydraylic
    - Shocks, Racerunner
    - Tyres, Padla Track

    Car is race ready in Finland.

    Price now only 10.000 euros or with bus 19.800
    bussi is Volvo B10 with zink protected chassi, registered as lorry 1+8 person

    e-mail: or call Hatelle +358 400 838 552 (finnish and some english)

    See pictures from finnish site

    It is allso possible to by only padle tyres, prices:
    complete set 3000€ / set
    just padletyres 2600€ / set
    just race rims 600€ / set
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