Europes largest off-road competition DVD is at last ready that is the Ladoga Trophy 2012! The Ladoga Trophy is held in Russia. The Ladoga Lake is the largest in Europe and the Ladoga Trophy drives all around the lake all 1200 kilometers! The Ladoga Trophy 2012 DVD has exclusive film of this week long epic adventure! This year a new record of competitors faced an even more challenging course then ever! The first reason: there was enough water!!! And Ladoga Trophy included Off Road Hardcore section from Veppski
Les, the infamous 24hr church drive!

This is the first time the Ladoga Trophy has been subtitled in english!

The DVD price is 20e each. Postage is for EU countries 1,72e/ DVD for two DVDs postage 2,72e. Non EU European countries the prices are 1,52e and 2,52e.

Orders; send e-mail to or send a private message. Payment via Paypal!

Ladoga trailer: