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Thread: Help a poor Viking out.

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    Default Help a poor Viking out.

    Hey guys and gals.

    Just moved to Finland from Norway and was wondering on what kind of rules and such on street legal 4x4s over here?

    With the help from friends and family i want to start a 4x4 project but i want the end result being a street legal car that looks bad ass and still can handle it self outside of paved roads.

    I'm a total green horn in this area so my know how is not much, but the will to learn is there :)

    Hi I'm Fredrik by the way and i love old Land Cruisers (yeah I'm one of those)

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    Just sign in at and there you can ask anything about finnish offroading. That is the most active forum in Finland about off road. There you can find out where are trials, safaries or just "having fun" driving days.

    And you can write in english (or swedish ) there.

    Wecome to Finland


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